Finishing lines

Tubing and Casing Finishing Lines (C5, C6)
Pipes are threaded at each end and couplings are screwed on on one end of pipes. The first line (C5) is designed for the production of tubing and casing pipes with diameters ranging between 2.3/8 inches (60.3 mm) and 7 inches (177.8 mm) with upset and plain ends. The second line (C6) is for the production of casing pipes with external diameter ranging between 4.1/2 inches (114.3 mm) and 13.5/8 inches (346.1 mm).

Line Pipe Finishing Line (C7)
It is designed for finishing operations, including beveling of pipes that are used in oil and gas transportation. As a rule, these pipes are connected by welding, that is why pipe ends should have a certain shape so that weld filler metal can be used. The diameters of pipes finished on the line range between 2.3/8 inches (60.3 mm) and 13.5/8 inches (346.1 mm).

The use of different finishing lines allows the production cycle to be very flexible and to be in line with finished product and steel grade specifications. At the same time, the production cycle can be changed to meet new requirements.