The major competitive advantage of KSP Steel is the absolute quality of seamless pipes that meet highest world standards:

  • The achievement of minimum limits: -5/+5% of wall thickness, given current limits of -13/+15% of National Standard and API; -0.4/+0.3% of external diameter, given -1/+1% of National Standard and -1/+0.9% of API.
  • The additional operation is assumed at the lines for cutting thread lines for tubing and casing pipes: phosphatizing of couplings for them. It is applied if such operation is indicated in the supply specification.
  • The additional coating of pipes by transparent lacquer, protecting from corrosion.
  • The production of pipes with the length of 14.6 meters.
  • The application of ultrasound control equipment that allows 100% inspection of pipes coat and wall thickness.
  • High automation level that minimizes human factor.