September 14, 2009. The auditors from API carried out the analysis and recognized that the quality management system of the KSP Steel Company meets the requirements of API Specification Q1, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 29001, while the manufacturing of pipes throughout the entire process chain meets the API 5CT and API 5L Standards.The area of certification included the manufacturing of steel seamless pipes: Line pipes, tubing string, and casing tubes for the oil and gas industry.

Based on the audit results, KSP Steel was issued the relevant certificate for compliance with the API requirements, and the license giving the right to put the API Monogram on manufactured products.

In order to download files with certificates in PDF format please click on the links:
API Spec 5CT                    ISO 9001:2008                       OHSAS18001 
API Spec 5L                      ISO 14001