Company Mission and Objectives

     KSP Steel  is the first manufacturer of seamless steel pipe for oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan with a full production cycle (from feedstock to finished product).

    Our mission is to provide oil-producing, exploration-geological and machine-building companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan with high-quality domestic tubular goods. By focusing on the use of innovative technologies, we strive to contribute to strengthening and increasing the country's production and economic potential.

     Our goal is to achieve recognition of KSP Steel as a reliable, reputable and regular partner capable of meeting and exceeding consumer expectations.


Quality Policy

    The quality policy of KSP Steel Limited Liability Partnership is aimed at fulfilling the customer requirements, ensuring that their needs and expectations are satisfied, and building their trust in our products through strict adherence to the specified requirements.

    Our company values its customers. To this end, we have established and implemented a Quality Management System and commit to maintain its compliance with the specified requirements and continually improve its effectiveness.

       This policy, based on the management principles within our organization, is the responsibility of the management of KSP Steel Limited Liability Partnership, which guarantees the achievement of quality objectives through:

  1. The use of conforming production processes.

  2. Mastering of new and improvement of existing processes.

  3. Provision with resources.

  4. Measurement of the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes.

  5. Preventing of recurrence of nonconformities and elimination of their causes.

  6. Fulfillment of the requirements and improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System on a continual basis.

  7. Evaluation of customer satisfaction.

  8. Mutually beneficial relationships between interested parties – customers, suppliers, its employees, representatives of supervisory and controlling authorities, based on trust and partnership.

  9. Continuous professional development of its employees.

  10. Assessment of risks and planning of actions to mitigate their impact.

    To ensure quality, the management personnel develop and implement clear documented information in accordance with which each employee works in an efficient and well-coordinated manner. All personnel of the organization are involved in the process of effective maintenance of the system and understand the purpose of their work. The opinion of each employee is taken into account in the operation of the Quality System.

     KSP Steel Limited Liability Partnership regularly monitors and analyzes the business environment, which allows it to effectively respond to any changes in the external and internal context of the organization, make timely decisions on these changes, maintain and improve its activities. Quality planning on a long-term basis, taking into account its continual improvement, and in combination with operational actions, enables the organization to be a quality leader in its field.


Top management commits to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, communicate this policy to the organization employees and implement it.