Quality Management System

Quality, Reliability, Transparency and Service are the basic principles that KSP Steel is guided by when interacting with its partners and consumers. The company applies an individual approach to each client based on the specifics of its business.  

    In a competitive market, the struggle between manufacturers is a struggle between the operating quality systems. The integrated management system has been implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001-2016, API Spec Q1, ISO 9001:2015, GOST R ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. The scope covers the production of seamless steel pipe, reinforcing bars, ferroalloys, and rolled grinding balls. The integrated system ensures consistency and structures the actions within the company, allowing significantly reduce the financial and other costs of the company.


    In accordance with the requirements of the above-listed standards, KSP Steel LLP defines:

- Company quality policy and objectives;

- Occupational Health and Safety policy and objectives;

- Environmental policy and objectives.


     The quality policy serves as the basis for setting quality objectives and is communicated to each employee and is understandable to them. The company's management determines the strategy of KSP Steel LLP, creates and maintains an environment in which each employee is involved in achieving the Policy and the set objectives. Issues of the enterprise integrated management system are regularly discussed at daily briefings, during which the progress of production plans is reviewed.


     The company conducts internal audits on a regular basis. The main objectives of internal audits are:

  • evaluate the compliance of the Enterprise Integrated Management System with the planned activities, the requirements of API Spec Q1, ISO 9001, ST RK ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and the requirements of the Enterprise Integrated Management System documentation developed by KSP Steel LLP.

  • evaluate the ability of the processes of the Enterprise Integrated Management System to ensure achievement of planned results, including compliance with the requirements for products.

  • make sure that the Enterprise Integrated Management System is implemented and maintained.

  • evaluate the need for improving, corrective and / or preventive action, identifying ways and providing an audited subdivision with an opportunity to improve the Enterprise Integrated Management System.

  • meet the requirements of external documents.


     The organization conducts annual analysis of the management system to ensure confidence in the suitability, continual improvement, effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise management systems.


    KSP Steel LLP carries out quality planning on a long-term basis, taking into account its continual improvement, and in combination with operational actions, this strategy enables the company to be a quality leader in its field. In order to ensure quality, management staff develops and implements clear written instructions to ensure that each employee works in accordance with these instructions and does his/her job correctly the first time. When the need to improve existing instructions is identified, every effort is made to bring such instructions to an acceptable level of accuracy and clarity.

    The quality objectives set by KSP Steel LLP are measurable, take into account applicable requirements, are associated with product conformity and customer satisfaction, and are subject to monitoring.

     KSP Steel LLP monitors and analyzes information about interested parties on continual basis in order to ensure product conformity with the set requirements and to increase customer satisfaction.

     On continual basis, KSP Steel identifies and assesses risks and opportunities for improvement, as well as takes necessary actions to meet customer requirements and increase their satisfaction. Risk assessment is carried out in all subdivisions.


    The initial certification of the Quality Management System in the organization took place in 2009. American Petroleum Institute (API) granted KSP Steel LLP Certificates of Registration for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, API Spec Q1, as well as Certificates of Authority to use the Official API Monogram (license) under API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5L.

     For many years, our company has successfully passed quality system surveillance audits by the American Petroleum Institute (API). In addition, KSP Steel LLP has Certificates of Conformity of Quality Management System in the National System of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001 and in the system of the Russian Federation for compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001.

   The scope of these certificates covers the production of tubular goods, reinforcing bars, grinding balls, and ferroalloys.


      Quality Management System certificates are not a permissive document, but a certifying one. They certify that our company has an operating Quality Management System, which, regardless of external and internal changes, has a positive impact on the functioning of the organization as a whole and guarantees a consistently high quality of our products and services.

    The Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifies that our company controls the factors of industrial and occupational health and safety risks, takes actions to reduce the likelihood of accidents, complies with legal requirements, and increases overall work efficiency.

    The implemented Environmental Management System certifies the effective management of environmental aspects and the organization's commitment to comply with the requirements of environmental legislation.


ISO Certificate

Q1 Certificate

ISO Certificate (eng)

Q1 Certificate (eng)

QMS Certificate in Russia under GOST R ISO 9001

QMS Certificate under ST RK ISO 9001


  Quality Control

     Products are subject to periodic inspection as defined in the process documentation. Final inspection and testing of products are carried out in full and in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory documents (ISO, API, API Spec 5L, API Spec 5CT, ASTM, DIN EN, NACE, GOST, ST RK, etc.)

    Our laboratory has the latest technologies in the field of diagnostics, research and analysis of ferrous metallurgy products – from the examinaiton of incoming feedstock to the evaluation of the final product. The laboratory equipment allows carrying out a full research cycle: from sample preparation to issuing a report with test results.